About Me

Texan. Writer. Geek.

I was that sort of kid you’d find tearing apart radios, hair dryers and countless number of small appliances just to see what made them “work.” This is what led to a career in information technology, where I earned my geek credentials by cutting my hands on motherboards and memory sticks, winning battles against jammed printers and nasty computer viruses, and bringing crashed servers back to life.

The beginnings of a writing career
However, it was my love for writing that would eventually change my career path. It began when I was invited as a featured blogger for the Victoria Advocate, a daily newspaper based in South Texas. My first posts were mostly about food and life growing up in South Texas. Soon after, I started writing about tech topics, which transitioned to a tech column featured in the print version of the newspaper. I later started working as a freelance reporter for various publications, and then later was hired on as web editor for the Victoria Advocate. It was in that role where I learned about so much about journalism, as well as the importance of web content strategy, social media and online audience engagement.

I’m now based out of Austin, and currently working as a freelance writer and enjoy researching and writing about gadgets, gizmos and all things tech.

Looking for a writer?
Contact me about freelance opportunities by sending an email. I look forward to working with you!